TomorrowLab helps companies, cities, and organisations to develop possible future scenarios. By implementing innovation plans, we ensure that you get tangible short- and long-term business results.

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How to successfully transform your organisation

Is your organisation fit for its future purpose? For a large part, that depends on how you deal with external drivers. In this blogpost we share with you 4 guiding questions and supporting tips to help you transform your organisation from what it is today to what it should/could be in the future.
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Welcome to the creator economy in the metaverse

Say what? Well, that is how the future of communication and media presents itself. It’s about creators, technology and Generation Z. Time to put prejudices and misconceptions aside and look at the bigger picture of the creator economy.

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5 ways to charm Gen Z in your communication

They prefer texting over talking. They were the first to grow up with access to the internet, smartphones, and social media. They are a generation of digitally connected individuals, using technology to communicate, to stay informed, and to participate in online communities.

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Living Tomorrow and TomorrowLab prepare their future

Since they were founded, Living Tomorrow and TomorrowLab have been defining companies in the Belgian innovation landscape. This impressive growth path and ambitious plans have led to a few shifts in management. Yin Oei becomes CEO of Living Tomorrow and Joachim De Vos, as managing partner, becomes more than ever the driving innovation force of Living Tomorrow Group.

Tomorrow Lab Business Model Canvas

The extended business model canvas

All stands or falls with your business model. So having a good overview and understanding of it, is crucial to keeping your organisation competitive and future-proof. With TomorrowLab's extended Business Model Canvas, you can map all key factors and their interconnections. Need extra info to really get started? Be sure to read our blog. Still not sure where to start? Book our workshop and be guided by our experts.

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6 ways to get the most out of your Business Model Canvas

Strategyzer’s Business Model Canvas (BMC) is a great tool to map out the crucial elements of your business strategy. Here at TomorrowLab, we use it a lot in customer workshops. Unfortunately, stubborn misconceptions or a lack of knowledge often prevent organisations to get good results with this tool. To make this easier for you, here are six ways to get more out of your BMC sessions.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Steeds meer steden en gemeenten staan aan de vooravond van een digitale omwenteling. Daarbij zorgde de huidige coronacrisis onverwachts voor een stevige boost. Maar hoe maak je van jouw lokaal bestuur een slimme stad? En wat kunnen bedrijven en lokale besturen van elkaar leren?