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We help companies, cities and organisations think about possible future scenarios and we lay out roadmaps to innovation. We implement innovation plans and make sure you get tangible, short- or long-term business results. We do this by considering the entire ecosystem of your organisation.



We crystalize your future vision, develop and align your future strategy and redesign your business model.

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Innovation in times of change

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Are we driving towards a new mobility landscape?

The mobility & transportation sector has undergone several evolutions which had a significant impact on the organisations and companies operating in it. The speed of these changes increases dramatically. The electrification of vehicles, the growth of micro-mobility and shared mobility, autonomous vehicle technology, public policies and consumer attitude towards climate change, consolidation waves and radical innovators entering the ecosystem, geopolitical tensions… All these shifts continue to make their mark on tomorrow's mobility & transportation, for both people and goods. As TomorrowLab, we guide different clients in the mobility industry throughout these challenges ahead.

Agile strategy

Ondernemen in tijden van COVID-19

Bedrijven zitten vaak vast in een operationele context, waarbij de bedrijfsstrategie niet meer is dan een extrapolatie van het verleden. Dit werkt niet meer. Om vandaag de dag succesvol te zijn, moet je de vinger aan de pols houden op vlak van snel evoluerende technologieën, economische verschuivingen, veranderende regelgeving, opkomende geopolitieke, demografische, sociologische trends alsook sectorspecifieke onzekerheden en veranderingen. Drie tools zijn volgens ons cruciaal, en we helpen ook talrijke klanten met de implementatie ervan.

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We are part of a network that breathes innovation

Living Tomorrow and TomorrowLab can guide you on the continuous journey towards innovation, every step of the way.

Actionable innovation starts with inspiration. Started 25 years ago, Living Tomorrow is a unique demonstration platform in Brussels where innovations are showcased in real-life settings. In an inspiring environment, Living Tomorrow enables organisations to experience what the future can look like. Living Tomorrow offers a welcome environment for visitors to meet, network and interact with people from their ecosystem.

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