How can we develop your future strategy?

Are you looking for a resilient strategy for the future of your company? Do you want to define common goals more sharply and translate them into clear, achievable actions? Hop on board. Together we will explore the most impactful path to realise your ambitions.

Business transformation

Business transformation

Sharpen your vision and transform your organisation and stay future-proof.

  • Define a shared vision on the future
  • Future-proof Organisation
  • Create a powerful innovation ecosystem
Digital transformation

Digital transformation

Digitise your organisation for sustainable growth with intelligence at its core.

  • Align on future-driven goals
  • Set-up a business-tailored governance
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
Innovation & strategy advisory

Innovation & strategy advisory

Adress a certain strategy or innovation challenge within your organisation.

  • Actionable outcomes
  • Tailored approach for your specific challenge
  • Develop a competitive advantage
Workshops & trends session

Workshops & trends session

Kickstart your journey and become an innovation-focused organisation.

  • Quick wins
  • Tailored to your industry & needs
  • Utilize our ecosystem with Living Tomorrow

How we helped customers get ahead

Smart business models and competitive innovation management. For us, these are not hollow words, but necessary conditions for strong results. As these case studies clearly show.

EBBR ATC Control tower Inside 0002a

The future looks bright

skeyes ensures the safety and efficiency of air traffic in Belgium. The air traffic controllers of skeyes supervise more than 3,000 aircraft every day, representing more than a million aircraft movements per year. The autonomous public company operates in the heart of Europe, in one of the continent's busiest and most complex airspaces.

Workshop De Lijn Tomorrow Lab

De Lijn In 2030

How can we as a public company prepare for 2030? That was the task that De Lijn entrusted to TomorrowLab. What followed was a unique ‘outside-in’ approach, with a view to disruption. From unimodal bus operator to multimodal mobility integrator!

About us

TomorrowLab is an innovation and strategy consultancy firm. We create different future scenarios. We unfold dynamic strategies and alternative business models. This will give you a sustainable advantage compared to competitors.

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TomorrowLab is your partner for innovation and strategy. From outside-in vision, over strategic transformation, open innovation and business modeling: we support you with a wide variety of expertises.


Based on various future scenarios we identify opportunities and threats.

  • Trends and uncertainties insights
  • Future readiness evaluation
  • Turn static forecasts into scenarios and models


Together, we map out the right strategic direction, based on your renewed mission.

  • Define & align future visions and strategy
  • Opt for dynamic roadmapping and stay ahead
  • Seize opportunities and mitigate threats

Develop & Deliver

Develop products and services that customers want.

  • Discover unmet needs of your customers
  • Develop solutions and business models that create value
  • KPI roadmap, go-to-market model, ...

Innovation Excellence

Enable your organisation for innovating effectively and efficiently.

  • Assess your innovation maturity and gain insights
  • Discover opportunities and accelerate your business
  • Develop and execute an innovation maturity plan

Connect & Ecosystem

Validated ideas, robust business models and relevant partnerships.

  • Strenghten your internal and external innovation network
  • Identify and explore collaboration opportunities with partners
  • Connect with partners in the Living Tomorrow ecosystem

Ready to take charge of the future?

Do you want to remain relevant in an ever faster changing world? Is your current business strategy hampering your growth ambitions? With the right mindset and partnerships, you will stay one step ahead of the competition. Get in touch. We look forward to collaborating with you.

Your contact

Daan Loos
Daan Loos Customer Engagement Manager


Why innovation fails Mockup

Why Innovation Fails

Joachim De Vos explains in his new book ‘Why innovation fails' in great detail where the bottlenecks are of innovation and provides the keys to change course.

Discover the book
Tomorrow Lab BMC

6 ways to get the most out of your Business Model Canvas

Strategyzer’s Business Model Canvas (BMC) is a great tool to map out the crucial elements of your business strategy. Here at TomorrowLab, we use it a lot in customer workshops. Unfortunately, stubborn misconceptions or a lack of knowledge often prevent organisations to get good results with this tool. To make this easier for you, here are six ways to get more out of your BMC sessions.

Digital twin

The rise of the digital twin: driving innovation across industries

The digital twin has become one of the pillars of Industry 4.0. This digital representation of a physical process or service has become standard practice in modern engineering to drive innovation and improve performance. For manufacturing companies in particular, digital twins offer many benefits. They can help to rapidly adapt to changing economic conditions, reduce costs, or better anticipate changes in the market. But the digital twin is gaining attention in other sectors as well, such as healthcare and smart cities.

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We are part of a network that breathes innovation

Living Tomorrow and TomorrowLab can guide you on the continuous journey towards innovation, every step of the way.

Actionable innovation starts with inspiration. Started 25 years ago, Living Tomorrow is a unique demonstration platform in Brussels where innovations are showcased in real-life settings. In an inspiring environment, Living Tomorrow enables organisations to experience what the future can look like. Living Tomorrow offers a welcome environment for visitors to meet, network and interact with people from their ecosystem.

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